Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a commitment made by companies dedicated primarily to achieving economic or commercial ends. This commitment is voluntary and seeks the social, economic and environmental improvement of society.

At GRUPO-ASE we know how important the role that companies play within the social environment is, regardless of their size (micro, small and medium). All can contribute in one way or another and have a positive impact on others.

Part of this commitment and responsibility is an expression of gratitude to the community around us, since it gives us the means to continue working, both in our state and outside it.

The first approach is to look around and see what they need and what we can provide. The next step is to determine what the priorities and strategy are and then to implement them.

At GRUPO-ASE we promote internally to the whole team the character, values and qualities needed to do a job with excellence and serve effectively the people around us.