It was born from the merger of Analisis de Sistemas Electricos SA de CV and Instalacion y mantenimiento de Tableros y Turbogeneradores SA de CV.

n the order to serve the industry in general in application of Electrical an Mechanical Engineering Sciences to the solution of customer problems.

  1. 1
    Engineering Development

    Analysis of Electrical Power and Distribution Systems (PHES)

    • Reliability studies.
    • Short Circuit Study.
    • Protection Coordination.
    • Power Flows.
    • Power quality studies (Electric harmonics, f.p.).
    • Audits of industrial distribution systems vs. Norms and standards (NOM001SEDE, NEC / NFPA70).
  2. 2
    Electric Design
    • Industrial distribution and power systems -One-line diagram- Equipment specifications.
    • Conceptual and detailed engineering.
    • Automation and control systems for Power Plants.
      • Measurement, protection and control (analog and / or digital).
      • Automatic synchronization of turbogenerators.
      • Voltage regulation.
      • Demand control.
      • Data acquisition and processing.
    • Integral systems of earth and lightning rods.
  3. 3
    Mechanical Design
    • Design of steam and water pipes.
    • Pipe flexibility analysis.
    • Pumping systems.
    • Analysis and correction of failures in rotating machines in own workshop.
    • Coming soon: engineering development in the area of rotary machines.
  4. 4
    Consulting and Supervision
    • Master plan
    • One-line diagram
    • Control diagrams
    • Detail engineering
    • Equipment Selection
    • Electric energy saving projects

    Troubleshooting (troubleshooting and RCA-Root Cause Analysis for sudden trips or equipment malfunction) in protection and control measurement boards.